About this blog

I am a Master’s student of Japanese Studies in the city of Tuebingen in South Germany, with a focus on Japanese pre- and protohistory. I started this blog because I love writing about things that matter to me, and because I need some diversion from daily university routine. In future I would like to have a job that allows me to contribute Japan-related articles for journals and magazines. For that, I hope to gain experience with this blog. Also, since I no longer have language courses at university, I found that I need practice at the Japanese language.

So I decided to write a trilingual blog about various things – what I deal with in my studies, about things that matter to me and other things that are somehow on my mind.

In classic Japanese literature, one of the most famous works is “The Pillow Book” – the personal diary of the court lady Sei Shônagon who lived during the Japanese Classicism (Heian period, 794-1185) and in which she noted down lists of her observations and experiences, her personal thoughts, likings and dislikings. In that style – which was the beginning of a literature genre called zuihitsu, “miscellanies” – I mean to write my blog. I got this idea during a current university course, where we read in the original text and translate extracts.

I wonder how it will turn out?