New Year’s snow

The first days of January are a strange time. We keep pondering on the past year and don’t know yet what the new one will bring. Should one be excited and enthusiastic at the prospect of what may come and anticipate it, or should one worry because nobody knows what will come, or is it better to shrug and not rack one’s brain over it just because probably not much will change? That question keeps coming back to me each and every year.

The feeling at the beginning of a new year somewhat reminds me of the feeling when snow falls thickly. Everything around us is covered in a white blanket, all beautiful and ugly things are shrouded as well as any filth, and sounds are muffled. We know that all this is still there, beneath the snow, and will be better to see and hear again once the snow has melted away – and yet we go to the window, watch the snow flakes and rejoice in them. And then we turn away and go back to our everyday life. Eventually, the snow melts away and everything is back to normal.

For me, the first few days of a new year feel as if snow fell and covered the past year. Each January I look at this blanket and think about the year, how it was and how it will be, as soon as the snow vanishes.

There has been snow for a couple of days where I live. It seems to melt away already.