Promising things that come to naught

New Year’s resolutions.

A delicate basil plant that dies on me despite all care.

When I come upon a photo of a nicely folded animal in an Origami book, but then look into the instructions and realize that they are highly complicated and stretch out over several pages.

When I resolve to finally learn how to sew, get down to work with a small project while being in good courage, but then give up after a short while out of sheer monotony and boredom. Or when I dream of a pretty dress which doesn’t exist in that manner or is hard to get by or is very expensive and which I therefore would have to make myself, which I am not able to do.

An emperor as official head of state, theoretically, because he doesn’t really have a say and only serves as symbol – it has been like that for centuries (with a short break during Meiji and Shôwa period). If only Sei Shônagon had known this.