Moments that leave me speechless

When somebody in public transport gets het up about universities and students, rants loudly about the supposedly study-unability of today’s students and about the supposedly inferiority of today’s universities; at that, when that person gives me the impression that he hasn’t seen universities from the inside for decades and that he hasn’t yet once listened to the opinions of younger people. That happened in my town – a university town – in a bus full of students. Such ignorance and arrogance of older generations is something I violently dislike!

During my stay abroad in Japan I visited another city with fellow students. I needed to go to the bank and we agreed to meet up at a certain spot fifteen minutes later to eat out together. However, I didn’t find the bank and I got lost. When I arrived at our meeting point 45 minutes later, nobody was there. I went to the restaurant we all had agreed on and there they were, chatting cheerfully, with no worry about my whereabouts. They had went without me just like that, without even looking for me or calling my mobile number – me, a woman on my own in a metropolis that I wasn’t familiar with, in a foreign country. Almost needless to say that our friendship didn’t last much longer.