Things that I would like to try out

Bungee jumping, hang-gliding and whitewater-kajaking. To put on a saree, a dirndl and a Kimono with twelve layers (jûnihitoe). Also, regency dresses similar to those which were common at the time when Jane Austen lived. Traditional japanese hairstyles such as ofuku (おふく), yakko shimada (奴島田) or ichôgaeshi (銀杏返し).

My to-do list for the semester break

Writing a 30-page term paper about the Japanese prehistory and protohistory. Writing a 5-pages synopsis about archaeological dating methods. Translating a list of the pillow book as course assessment. Continuing my part-time job. Planting the seeds for aoshiso and mitsuba and other herbs. Practicing Spanish and swingouts with my boyfriend. Repeating Japanese. Applying for a…

Was ich gerne ausprobieren würde

Bungeejumping, Drachenfliegen und Wildwasser-Kajakfahren. Einen Sari anzuziehen. Genauso wie ein Dirndl und einen zwölflagigen Kimono (jûnihitoe). Regency-Kleider wie aus der Jane Austen-Zeit. Traditionelle japanische Frisuren wie ofuku (おふく), yakko shimada (奴島田) oder ichôgaeshi (銀杏返し).